In each match the higher seeded team is the home team, and is responsible for preparing the court.

We will be holding a match for third place at the same time as the championship match on court 1.


To determine the seeds, the seven divisions are ranked on the average winning percentage of their four playoff teams. The division with the highest average winning percentage is assigned seed A, and so on down through G. The W seed is filled by wild card positions, the highest ranked teams across the league, that do not otherwise make the playoffs. Then teams are first sorted by their rank in their division, and then their divisions rank in the league. So, all seven first place division champions come first, sorted by their division's letter. Then second place teams, and so on. Wild cards are placed at the bottom.

rank seed team
1 A1 Ball Busters
2 B1 Irritable Ball Syndrome
3 C1 Bocce Hounds
4 D1 The Infernos
5 E1 Steamrollers
6 F1 High Rollers
7 G1 Vets Club
8 A2 Highballers
9 B2 Bocce Banditos
10 C2 Bocce Questo
11 D2 Benicia Smog
12 E2 Amore di Baci
13 F2 Bocce Brawlers
14 G2 Lemoncello's
15 A3 Go Abocce Business
16 B3 Bocheech & Chong
17 C3 La Dolce Vita
18 D3 Amici de Bocce
19 E3 Bocce Snatchers
20 F3 Pastabilities
21 G3 St. Catherines
22 A4 Ballers Grande
23 B4 Brother Yuccas
24 C4 Knights Realm
25 D4 Superfriends
26 E4 Unusually Underhanded
27 F4 The OddBalls
28 G4 Indy Cruisers
29 W1 Fuhgettabocce
30 W2 Boccelism
31 W3 Consigliere di Bocce
32 W4 Inchworms