When the Benicia Bocce League paired with the City of Benicia to build new courts, we designed space on the courts to install engraved tiles. If you would like to purchase and have installed your own tile, please reach out to us at info@beniciabocce.org.

We collect tile information all year, and make a single purchase during the off season (between January and April). We then deliver the tiles to the City for installation before the year's season starts.

There are two tile size options.

4" x 8" tiles: $250
These tiles are perfect for individuals, businesses, or organizations.
This tile allow for 3 lines of 18 characters* each.

8" x 8" tiles: $500
The larger tiles are ideal for league teams.
This tile allows for 6 lines of 18 characters* each.

* - Spaces are included in the character count.