2020 Registration Results


Our registration period for the 2020 season is complete. Through both some attrition and new teams, we’ve ended up with the same number of teams as last year, 63 teams with 628 players.

As you all know, we had proposed a new division on Saturday this year. Unfortunately, we did not have enough teams to support it. While we did have new teams, the attrition counterbalanced that, so we will not have the Saturday division. Though, those time slots will be available for rescheduling missed games.

You can view the team divisions placements online. You can find each division schedule in the navigation. And from the division schedule, you can select the schedule for an individual team.

check out team placements

Please double check your schedule. Most teams have one or two irregular timed matches scheduled so that we can fit it all in before Labor Day. We tried to avoid double headers this year by utilizing our new Saturday morning time slots.

Also, get a head start on rescheduling any matches your team will not be able to attend: www.beniciabocce.org/reschedule

Remember to get all your players to sign their waivers. If you are still looking for extra players, check out the BBL - Find a Team Facebook group. Leave a post there and you may get some bites.

Opening Day is (now) Sunday April 26. Get excited!

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