2021 Playoffs


I’ve got some information for you about Playoffs. And I also have some reminders I’d like everyone to check out.


We’re going to have a full single-elimination playoff bracket this year, as we have in the past. Matches will be played in five rounds. All matches will start at 6pm, except for the Championship, which will start at 4pm.

  • Round 1: Tue. through Fri., Sept. 7-10th, 6pm
  • Round 2: Mon. and Tue., Sept. 13-14th, 6pm
  • Round 3: Wed. Sept. 15th, 6pm
  • Round 4: Fri., Sept. 17th, 6pm
  • Finals: Sun. Sept. 19th, 4pm

The top four teams from each division, plus four wildcard teams, will advance to the finals. Seeding of the bracket is predetermined. You can check out the details online.



We’ve had a number of folks write in with questions. So, here are a few reminders for everyone to keep in mind.

  • Keep it friendly. Folks need to stay friendly out there. Remember that this is a casual league of players looking to have a good time with neighbors. There aren’t any scouts in the stands. So, if you feel yourself getting a bit heated, please take a step back to regain some perspective. It seems this is worth at least one reminder every year. So, here it is.
  • Kids on courts. We’ve got a lot more teams with kids these days than we did early in the history of the league. We think it’s great, as it reflects the family oriented nature of our small town. That being said, the kids can’t run wild. Please keep your children from distracting players during their games. Kids darting in between players, and up and down the courts can be a lot. (My kids are on the offenders’ list here. I’ll be buttoning it up.) And please keep the kids from too much “sandbox” time after matches. It’s tough to keep the courts in a solid condition through the season.
  • Music. There aren’t any rules against playing music down on the courts. That being said, music travels. So, please keep the volume such that the music is only enjoyed by your party.
  • Rescheduling. The reschedule process is meant to be used well ahead of time. We’re at the end of the season, so this doesn’t apply as much. But, next season, please review your schedule and identify any matches you need to move early on. It is not intended that you use the reschedule process at the last minute. That being said, we all want to play. So, we should all still work together to make every match happen. Further, we rely on the City on whether to close courts due to conditions. If you haven’t heard from us, the game is on. But, you are free to meet with the capos of the other team to determine if you’d like to reschedule on the spot.

That’s it. As always, let me know if you have any questions. info@beniciabocce.org

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