2022 Playoffs


We’ve made it to the end of the regular season. I hope everyone had a good time. Time for the Playoffs!

The Playoffs are a single elimination tournament. The top four teams from each division, plus four wildcard teams, will advance to the Playoffs. The bracket, plus information about seeds, can be viewed online at:


Here is the schedule:

  • Round 1: Sept. 6 - 9
  • Round 2: Sept. 12 - 13
  • Round 3: Sept. 14 - 15
  • Round 4: Sept. 16
  • Championships: Sept. 17

All matches are at 6pm, except for the Championship, which is at 4pm.

Remember, the Playoffs are a unique schedule. You won’t necessarily be playing on your regularly scheduled night. And if you do well, you’ll be playing multiple nights in the same week. A match for third place will be held at the same time as the Championship match.

Court Material

As mentioned previously, we have been evaluating what to do with the new material on courts 3 and 4. We didn’t find an acceptable solution to changing them mid-season. So, we’re going to wait until after the Playoffs to address it in the off season. For now, the playoff schedule has been optimized to use those two courts as little as possible, including not using them at all past Round 2.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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