2022 Registration


It’s time again. Registration opens in just a few weeks. This year we should be able to return to our normal format, doing away with the COVID precautions we had in place at the beginning of our 2021 season.

Registration will be open from Sat. Feb. 5th at noon, through Sat. Mar. 5th at noon. As usual, registration will be done here online at beniciabocce.org/registration. Be sure you have an account, know your password, and have your roster figured out when registration opens. If you are looking for a team to join, or more players for your own team, head over to the BBL - Find a Team Facebook group.

We’ll send out more information about key dates and events in the near future.

One note about registration priority: As you likely recall, in 2021, in order to not pressure teams to play when they were uncomfortable, the League let teams skip the season without losing priority. So this year, first priority will go to teams who played (way back!) in 2019. Beyond that, registration priority will work as normal.

We’re happy to get rolling again this year.

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