Board Members Needed


As we prepare for the upcoming 2016 bocce season, the League finds itself in need of several new board members as some of the members have decided to retire after many years of service. The Board is currently seeking individuals for the positions of Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and 1-2 additional openings. The board typically meets 2-3 times per year, chaired by the League President. Greg Richey has agreed to accept that rotating position, pending the vote at the next Board meeting. With the exception of the Secretary and Treasurer positions, board members are required to sign up for at least 1 committee to ensure the League meets its obligations. The committees currently defined by the Board are as follows: Rules; Shed Maintenance; New Courts Construction; Fundraising; Website/Communications; Sign-Ups; Scheduling & Playoffs. The Secretary & Treasurer positions, as well as most of the committees require a limited commitment. Anyone with expertise or interest in these areas is encouraged to contact the board within the next few weeks through our website contact form. For those of you who are not currently league members and have been placed on a waiting list to join due to the limited number of courts, joining the board would provide a likely pathway to league membership this season.
Many thanks and gratitude to the following retiring and returning board members for their significant contributions to the League’s success over these last several years: Sue Kasson, former League President (retiring); Ron Kane, retiring as League President (returning as board member); Frank Kasson, Scheduling & Standings (retiring); Sherri Bortolazzo, Secretary (retiring); Colleen Williams, Treasurer (retiring); Scott Reep; Fred Railsback; Randy Olson; Jim Aruda; Al Bertelotti; Bob Botti; Nick Martino; Dave Moore; Greg Richey; Matt DeClaire Webmaster (new board member).

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