COVID-19 Update


The California Department of Public Health has recently released new guidance effective on June 15th. We encourage everyone to read the document entirely. But, the most impactful change for our league is related to physical distancing.

Physical distancing requirements are expected to be lifted on June 15th. The previous requirement was the main reason we were only playing on two courts. So, we’re happy to announce that we’ll soon be scheduling additional matches on courts one and three. We’re in the process of drafting these additional matches, which will tentatively start on Tuesday, July 6th.

While we’re excited to add matches to the schedule, we need to plan for the possibility that the guidance may change after June 15th. So, we’ll be watching closely during the two weeks after the changes go into effect. If all is well by the end of June, we’ll leave the extra matches on the schedule. But, in the worst case scenario, we may need to cancel them. Expect to hear back from us on July 1st. That being said, we’re optimistic, and we’d like to get the new schedule in your hands as soon as possible to accommodate any of your other plans this summer.

You can go online today to review the newly added matches. We recognize that many players have likely made plans during the times they weren’t scheduled to play. For that we’ll use our rescheduling system. Team capos should review their team availability, then go online to reschedule matches necessary ahead of time.

The masking guidelines have changed, even as of today. The June 15th memo continues the current guidelines on masking, which allows for fully vaccinated individuals to go without masks outdoors, but still requires unvaccinated individuals to wear a mask. We are adopting those same guidelines within our league, effective immediately.

We are also removing the surface related restrictions. Hand sanitizer and the option to use two sets of balls are now optional.

While these changes bring things a bit back to normal, please remember that not everyone is in the same situation. Please respect others’ choices to continue with safety precautions. Further, everyone visiting the courts should continue to perform a self health check before arrival. If you are experiencing COVID associated symptoms, or have had a positive test in the past two weeks, please stay home.

Additionally, we are pushing back the traditional three-week period for making roster changes. You can now make additional roster changes through July 1st.

As always, send any questions you may have to

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