Fate of the new courts


The fate of the construction of the 2 additional bocce courts will be decided at the upcoming City Council meeting next Tuesday, September 6th at 7:00 pm with an up or down vote anticipated. We're prepared our arguments for why this project should be approved. But the best arguments often carry more weight when voiced directly from the heart, and backed by numbers. That’s why we are asking all of you to attend this make or break meeting, to stand up (or at least be seated) to make it clear to the Council that this project is worthy of their votes.

The bottom line is the City has surplus money from Measure C, which we all have paid a share of. They wanted us to take out more loans. The Board has rejected that notion, feeling the bocce community has contributed enough. Looking in to the future, we’d rather see a reduction in registration dues than an additional financial burden placed upon us all.
We are well aware that some teams will be playing the first round of the playoffs that night but for those of us who can attend, please be there by no later than 7:00 pm as we are first on the agenda. We need to fill the chamber. Don’t forget it’s an election year. You can bet that our council members have not. We only need three votes. We think the vote will be close. Please mark your calendars now.

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