We will use the standard Benicia Bocce League rules for this tournament. All rules will be followed according to our rulebook, with the exception of the following specific rules we are adopting specifically for this tournament.


A team on the court has 4 players minimum (2 stationed at each end of the court) with each player throwing 2 balls. We will allow a maximum of 16 players per team. Not all rostered players have to play. Each team needs to have a Team Captain that will be responsible for communicating with the Tournament Director.


We will be charging $100 per team, regardless of the number of players. This cost will cover the insurance expenses as well as other necessary costs for the tournament. Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 teams at the end of the Tournament. Fees will be collected prior to the tournament.

Qualifying Rounds

We will have a total of 16-24 teams in the tournament. We are randomly assigning teams into different pools, with 3-4 teams in each pool. Each team will play the other teams in their pool to determine seeds. The top 2-3 seeds from each pool advance to the Bracket Rounds. We will use the same tiebreaker rules that we use for our League Season to determine the seeds. The bracket will depend on the number of teams we get signed up. Saturday will not be an all day event.

Scoring (Different from league play)

  1. Matches follow the standard season rules, except:
  2. Games in the Qualifying Rounds (pool play) will play to 12 points, and DO NOT have to win by 2 points.
  3. Games in the First Round of bracket play will play to 12 points, and DO have to win by 2 points to win the game.
  4. Games in the Semi-Final and Final rounds of bracket play will play to 12 points, and DO have to win by 2 points to win the game.
  5. Each match in every round will play best of 3. This means that if a team has won the first two games, there is no need to play a 3rd and final game.

Time Limit

We are not going to use any time limits for matches in this tournament. However, please keep in mind that in order to finish on time, we need to make sure things are always moving along.

Court Maintenance

The league will have all of the courts prepped for the first set of games at 8:00 am. Due to the time constraints, we will not be grooming the courts between each match. However, we will allow the courts to be quickly groomed throughout the day at the discretion of the tournament director. It will be the responsibility of BOTH TEAMS to help get the courts ready for the Sunday matches.


There will be 5 minutes before each match for practice throws.

Tournament Director

The Tournament Director will have final say on ALL rulings.