2022 Playoffs


We’ve made it to the end of the regular season. I hope everyone had a good time. Time for the Playoffs!

The Playoffs are a single elimination tournament. The top four teams from each division, plus four wildcard teams, will advance to the Playoffs. The bracket, plus information about seeds, can be viewed online at:


Here is the schedule:

  • Round 1: Sept. 6 - 9
  • Round 2: Sept. 12 - 13
  • Round 3: Sept. 14 - 15
  • Round 4: Sept. 16
  • Championships: Sept. 17

All matches are at 6pm, except for the Championship, which is at 4pm.

Remember, the Playoffs are a unique schedule. You won’t necessarily be playing on your regularly scheduled night. And if you do well, you’ll be playing multiple nights in the same week. A match for third place will be held at the same time as the Championship match.

Court Material

As mentioned previously, we have been evaluating what to do with the new material on courts 3 and 4. We didn’t find an acceptable solution to changing them mid-season. So, we’re going to wait until after the Playoffs to address it in the off season. For now, the playoff schedule has been optimized to use those two courts as little as possible, including not using them at all past Round 2.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Don’t forget to RSVP to the End of Season Party!

2022 Season Details


Here are some important details for the coming season.


Here is your board for the year:

  • President: Matt DeClaire
  • Vice President: Jorge Castaneda
  • Treasurer: John Van Blake
  • Secretary: Jenny Castaneda
  • Directors: Greg Richey, Ron Kane, Scott Reep, Zac Van Blake, Beth Szabo, Steve Pieroni, Lynn Hannafin


We are generally back to normal, without the restrictions we had in place last year. I'm sure you've noticed that we have extra content. Please read that carefully before you sign your waiver. Please perform home health checks before coming to the courts. If you have a cough or a fever greater than 100.4°, remain at home. Sanitizer will continue to be available in the sheds, but is not required this year.

Key Dates

  • Opening Day - Sunday, April 24th
  • Last day for roster changes - May 14th
  • Blackout weekends
    • Memorial Day - May 27th - 30th
    • Independence Day - July 1st - 4th
  • Tournament - Saturday, July 23rd
  • End of Year Celebration - Saturday, Sept. 10th
  • Playoffs - Sept. 6th - 17th

2022 Season


We’ve completed the registration, division placement, and scheduling process. You can see it all online.

Benicia Bocce League 2022 - Division Placements

Please take a look at your team’s schedule, and use the rescheduling process to handle any matches that don’t work for your team. Take special note of the handful of matches that aren’t scheduled on your normal day of the week.

The Capo Meeting is scheduled for April 2nd at 10am. We’re going to hold the Capo Meeting virtually again this year. But, instead of simply using a one way livestream, we’re going to use a Zoom meeting so that folks can join and ask questions live. I’ll be sending information to capos shortly.

As usual, let us know if you have any questions, info@beniciabocce.org.

2022 Registration


It’s time again. Registration opens in just a few weeks. This year we should be able to return to our normal format, doing away with the COVID precautions we had in place at the beginning of our 2021 season.

Registration will be open from Sat. Feb. 5th at noon, through Sat. Mar. 5th at noon. As usual, registration will be done here online at beniciabocce.org/registration. Be sure you have an account, know your password, and have your roster figured out when registration opens. If you are looking for a team to join, or more players for your own team, head over to the BBL - Find a Team Facebook group.

We’ll send out more information about key dates and events in the near future.

One note about registration priority: As you likely recall, in 2021, in order to not pressure teams to play when they were uncomfortable, the League let teams skip the season without losing priority. So this year, first priority will go to teams who played (way back!) in 2019. Beyond that, registration priority will work as normal.

We’re happy to get rolling again this year.

2021 Playoffs


I’ve got some information for you about Playoffs. And I also have some reminders I’d like everyone to check out.


We’re going to have a full single-elimination playoff bracket this year, as we have in the past. Matches will be played in five rounds. All matches will start at 6pm, except for the Championship, which will start at 4pm.

  • Round 1: Tue. through Fri., Sept. 7-10th, 6pm
  • Round 2: Mon. and Tue., Sept. 13-14th, 6pm
  • Round 3: Wed. Sept. 15th, 6pm
  • Round 4: Fri., Sept. 17th, 6pm
  • Finals: Sun. Sept. 19th, 4pm

The top four teams from each division, plus four wildcard teams, will advance to the finals. Seeding of the bracket is predetermined. You can check out the details online.



We’ve had a number of folks write in with questions. So, here are a few reminders for everyone to keep in mind.

  • Keep it friendly. Folks need to stay friendly out there. Remember that this is a casual league of players looking to have a good time with neighbors. There aren’t any scouts in the stands. So, if you feel yourself getting a bit heated, please take a step back to regain some perspective. It seems this is worth at least one reminder every year. So, here it is.
  • Kids on courts. We’ve got a lot more teams with kids these days than we did early in the history of the league. We think it’s great, as it reflects the family oriented nature of our small town. That being said, the kids can’t run wild. Please keep your children from distracting players during their games. Kids darting in between players, and up and down the courts can be a lot. (My kids are on the offenders’ list here. I’ll be buttoning it up.) And please keep the kids from too much “sandbox” time after matches. It’s tough to keep the courts in a solid condition through the season.
  • Music. There aren’t any rules against playing music down on the courts. That being said, music travels. So, please keep the volume such that the music is only enjoyed by your party.
  • Rescheduling. The reschedule process is meant to be used well ahead of time. We’re at the end of the season, so this doesn’t apply as much. But, next season, please review your schedule and identify any matches you need to move early on. It is not intended that you use the reschedule process at the last minute. That being said, we all want to play. So, we should all still work together to make every match happen. Further, we rely on the City on whether to close courts due to conditions. If you haven’t heard from us, the game is on. But, you are free to meet with the capos of the other team to determine if you’d like to reschedule on the spot.

That’s it. As always, let me know if you have any questions. info@beniciabocce.org

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